Thursday, February 10, 2011

#15: LEGO Star Wars - Clone Trooper Battle Pack

So I first saw this set at Target back in January, but for the sake of not unduly straining my credit card bill for the month, I decided to hold off. Then I didn't see it on the shelves again for a few weeks. Lesson learned, I grabbed it as soon as it was back on the shelf. I really dig these LEGO battle packs, because they're an inexpensive way to get a few minifigures, and a small vehicle. In this case, it's a BARC speeder, the speeder bike of choice for the Republic forces. I prefer the Return of the Jedi style speeder bikes, but BARCs are cool enough. There's a trooper with green markings, a couple with crazy orange markings, and my favorite an ARF trooper. This is a cool troop building set, and worth picking up if you're into LEGO clone troopers.


  1. I picked up the Mandalorian set back in January with plans to pick this set up in March, I like these little sets too, matter of fact I still need to pick up the Rebel Hoth set as well...

  2. These sets are definitely my favorite way to get LEGOs.


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