Sunday, February 27, 2011

#27: DC Universe Classics - Bane

Finally, here he is, Bane! My first completed DCUC collect n connect figure. The reason for all the tears and suffering in ordering a full wave of DCUC figures. Thankfully, there are no stuck joints or limbs misshapen due to packaging. Yay! The socket in the head for the ball joint was a very tight fit, and I was worried that I would snap something when putting it on, but it turned out okay. It's on a little moveable peg, so the head actually has some forward and backward motion.

Mattel's previous Bane figure suffered from being a bit undersized in the height department, but I feel it was a superior sculpt. The proportions were a bit more exaggerated, and Bane looked somewhat more 'roided out from Venom. This Bane is definitely a more imposing height, perhaps he is too tall. I think Bane's supposed to be big, but not necessarily towering over everybody. This version of Bane has a good sculpt, but it feels more subdued. It seems like it has less personality. It sounds like I'm complaining, but I actually quite like this figure. It's hard for me to dislike a figure of a character that wears a luchador mask.

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