Monday, February 21, 2011

#20: Transformers Reveal the Shield - Battle In Space

I've been waiting for this set to hit stores for a while now, but it still hasn't shown up in my local Target. Fortunately, I found it at a Target in a neighboring town. I passed on the original release of Cyclonus, although I've heard good things about it. I also passed on the original release of Rodimus. I've heard it's not the best toy, but I dig the character enough to kind of want one, mostly because Rodimus Prime is one of the Transformers I had as a kid. So I figured a 20 dollar set for two figures that would currently be sold individually for 11 or 12 bucks is a good deal. Rodimus has a decent enough bot mode, although his head is tiny. His vehicle mode is pretty cool, and the blast from his gun doubles as exhaust. Also, it makes me wish that there was a Transformer with a DeLorean vehicle mode. DMC is out of business now, I think Hasbro should make one if they can get away with it legally!

In this set, Cyclonus is clearly the superior robot. The vehicle mode is cool, if having a few more gaps than I would be ideal. I'm glad I waited for this release, because the colors are lighter and more accurate to the cartoon. And it looks great in robot mode. The conversion process works well, without any unnecessary kibble hanging off the robot. Also, the eyes are light piped. Another cool thing is that his gun is a Transformer too. Nightstick goes between robot and gun, so it's a fun little extra for Cyclonus.

Also included is a Matrix of Leadership that neither bot can hold due to the O shaped holes in their hands. It's a surprisingly heavy little piece, and a cool accessory to throw in. It would be a good Monopoly playing piece. There's a comic in the box too, which shows some action that takes place during the Transformers movie. The original, not that Michael Bay stuff. I'd say this is a set worth picking up. Rodimus is decent, and Cyclonus is pretty cool, and it's a pretty good deal for the money.

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