Monday, February 28, 2011

#28: DC Universe Classics - Deathstroke

Many months ago when I pre-ordered DCUC wave 16, I saw that Deathstroke would be available as one of the greatest hits figures packaged alongside the new figures. The assortment I ordered didn't include Deathstroke, but it was also available separately, so I added that to my order as well. I never saw a Deathstroke figure on the shelves during its initial release, but I've always heard good things about it from reviewers so this was a good chance. He comes with a sword, a staff, a pistol, and a rifle, all of which can be stowed away keeping his hands free. That's quite a nice selection of weapons! As cool as the figure is, he alas suffers from some totally not surprising quality control issues. There are a couple minor paint defects on the mask, but I can live with those. More annoying is that both of the wrists are stuck. There is that slight give that tells me any attempt to rotate them much further will result in the hands falling off, even after some time in the freezer. Damn!


  1. Bah! He's just a rip-off of Deadpool! ;)

    Sorry to hear the figure has problems...

  2. ha!

    Thanks, it is annoying that his wrists aren't properly functional, but I'll live with it.


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