Thursday, February 17, 2011

#19: Star Wars The Vintage Collection - Stormtrooper

Hooray, another Stormtrooper! Okay, this is basically the same Stormtrooper they've been putting out for a while now, but with one major improvement. He also has an extra rifle! Okay, that's not it. At long last, the Stormtrooper has the improved ball hips. Yay! For some reason, this is on an Empire Strikes Back card, which doesn't make too much sense. On the back of the Vintage cards, they show the original release of whatever the figure is, and for the Stormtrooper, they show its original release as an Empire Strikes Back figure. I'm pretty sure that Stormtroopers were released for Star Wars, so it is an odd choice. The Stormtrooper was in fact one of the original twelve figures, so I don't know what all this Empire Strikes Back business is about. Oh well.


  1. This guy is high on my list of wants, I need to find a couple, great score!

  2. It's a pretty major improvement. Even at just a casual glance, he stands much more naturally.


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