Saturday, February 26, 2011

#26: DC Universe Classics - Azrael Batman

Although I haven't read the Knightfall story, coming so soon after the death of Superman, Bruce Wayne's retirement as Batman was big news at the time. I think the general consensus at the time was that the new Batman's costume was kind of ridiculous, and I still think so today. So this isn't a figure I would likely have picked up if it had not been necessary to complete this wave. Even so, I still dig it in spite of its awful 90s design. Once again, thanks to Mattel's inability to package their figures without warping them, the left knee is a bit bent inwards, but not so drastically as some of the others I've opened recently. The cape/blade things seem a bit compressed, but that's not too big a problem. If nothing else, the design sticks out from pretty much every other DCUC figure, so that's cool. I'm pretty surprised Mattel decided to make this figure at all since it's hardly current and required so much unique tooling.

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