Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#21: DC Universe Classics - Jonah Hex

So after it had been on DVD for a little while, I remembered to watch the Jonah Hex movie. I thought Josh Brolin did a good job in the role, but otherwise the movie was a disappointment. When I watched the movie, I had already ordered this figure a few months previously. There is a Jonah Hex figure based on Josh Brolin's movie appearance also. Normally, I wouldn't care enough about Jonah Hex as a character to want to get a figure version of him, but I really wanted to get build-a-figure (or collect and connect if you want to get pedantic) for this wave. I figured there were enough figures in it that I at least kind of wanted, so it would be worth buying them all instead of going to Ebay for the pieces. So here it is.

This Jonah Hex figure actually turned out pretty well, so that is a bonus. For those that care about that sort of thing, he seems to be an entirely unique sculpt which is pretty rare for DCUC. His revolver and shotgun can both be holstered, but unfortunately the revolver is a bit out of shape from the packaging. Also, his legs have suffered some malformation, but at least he can stand easily. The face sculpt is delightfully gruesome, I'm glad that turned out well. He also seems oddly tall for the DCUC line, but I'm sure part of that is just the hat. I wouldn't have picked up this figure otherwise if not for his inclusion in this wave, but he is cool enough that I don't have any regrets about it.

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  1. It reminds me of an action figure a friend of mine used to have - a 12'' cowboy with clothing cast onto his body (rather than cloth ''doll'' clothes) in what I suspect was supposed to be Lone Ranger blue. I think he had a Native American that was similar, with his clothing being in a buckskin brown...

    I'd totally forgotten about them until I saw that pic.


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