Wednesday, February 23, 2011

#23: DC Universe Classics - The Riddler

Hey, it's the Riddler, and I have no quality control complaints. Yay! Hurray for a figure unmarred by its packaging! So this is the second version of the Riddler in the DCUC line. Perhaps feeling that the first version had too much uncommon tooling (it was the suit and bowler hat version, and he shared a body with DCSH Two-Face and Clark Kent), they decided to update with the spandex suit version covered in question marks. I have the other version, but I like both versions of the Riddler enough that I was completely happy to get this one as well. When this version was originally shown, it looked like it was going to use the muscular body, and I'm glad they ended up giving it the leaner one. The Riddler isn't my favorite member of Batman's rogues gallery, but I'm really digging this figure. The face has a cocky smirk, which I think works well for him, and the cane he comes with is the same one as the previous version.


  1. I always liked the Riddler as a kid - probably due to Frank Gorshin's insane giggle on the Batman show.

  2. Great looking Riddler. I have to say I like it much as the Robin in this wave.


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