Friday, February 11, 2011

#16: LEGO Star Wars - Mandalorian Battle Pack

The companion piece to yesterday's clone trooper set features a gang of Mandalorian warriors. The vehicle is the same speeder I have a regular action figure sized version of (with a clear brick to simulate that it's floating, neat!), and since it's such a small vehicle there is also a gun turret. There's also a variety of handheld weaponry, including a big rifle witha bipod to steady it. The Mandos are pretty cool, but they are all exactly the same figure! That's kind of disappointing, as I'd like to see some more variety among my Mandalorian ranks. Even the clone troopers have more variety than these guys. They could have at least made one of them a Pre Viszla figure for variety's sake. At least they all have rocket packs, which improve anything.

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