Monday, March 8, 2010

#12: Iron Man 2 Comic Series War Machine

Like last year's Wolverine movie line, this year's Iron Man 2 movie line will feature figures based on the movie and comics. I decided to get the comic version of War Machine, mainly because the weapons over his shoulders don't have a missile launching feature, and consequently don't look so goofy. Also those blast effects are removable, which is as always a cool feature.

It's a pretty sturdy figure so even though it comes with a stand it doesn't really need it. The figures in this line have unusual stands that are meant to also hold the three included cards. It's one regular card with two transparent plastic cards with different pieces of the armor printed on them. When you put them together, you get a full picture. You can probably even mix and match between different sets.

Anyway, the figure itself is well made. It's got articulation where you'd want there to be, and the joints all feel like they'll hold a pose well. The sculpt is a good one, and the paint is a nice mix of shiny and dull finishes. I'm not necessarily interested in picking up version after version of Tony Stark in armor, so the addition of War Machine to the movie and consequently the toy line is welcome.


  1. Gah! Another cool figure and photo that makes me want to go out and add this guy to my list of wants!

    The comic version is just plain awesome!

  2. It is a cool figure, and maybe Hasbro will cut me in on a chunk of the profits if you buy one too! Well, a guy can dream anyway.

  3. I was hoping you were going to find one of these...I knew you wanted it, and they are all over the place here.

  4. Ha that would be great if they paid us for selling their toys for them.

    I made a trip at lunch and saw this one, the Classic, Type I and Crimson Dynamo. Plus I think it was the new "Hyper" Armor, which looks like the one from the end of the latest trailer. It was hard leaving these on the shelf, but I was after something else.

    They were on sale for 2 for 10 bucks though...

  5. The suitcase one? That's the Mark V.

    2 for 10 is a hard deal to beat, these days.

  6. Mario you're right it was the Mark V, they also had the Hyper Armor and I confused them.

  7. Y'know, I say the movie War Machine today at the Livermore Target, I think I like it better. The torso section is put together a little more stoutly, and looks like it would fit a person in it (if the person were say, star wars sized). And one of the shoulder guns used a missile, but it wasn't too ridiculous, and you could always have him use just one (predator style).


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