Monday, March 29, 2010

#25: Iron Man 2 movie series Iron Man Mark II

During the run of the first movie's line, I skipped the Mark II figure because it was just a Mark III with a different paint job and an extra blaster. Since I'm not planning to get a Mark III in this scale since it is so similar to the Mark IV and VI, I figured I'd go for the Mark II and get one suit with the round unibeam on the chest. I do dig the silver paint job, too. The seams and bolts are made more prominent by paint than they were in the movie, but I don't mind, it makes it look a little more like a prototype, and a bit more low-tech even. One huge improvement over the armors from the first movie line is that the shoulder pieces don't fall off. I almost lost one of the shoulder pieces from my first movie Mark III, which would have been annoying. If they had were removable in these smaller figures, they would be even easier to lose. Since I'm not interested in getting every single variation of the armors, I may be done. I might get the Mark V since it is different from the rest. Then there's the helmet-less Iron Man coming out in the next couple of waves... I might get that. Especially if it includes a removable helmet. We'll see! Until then, this is a cool figure, just like the rest.

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