Wednesday, March 17, 2010

#19: Star Wars Legacy Collection Stormtrooper

Not surprisingly, I have a few Stormtroopers in my collection. And yet, this one is unique in my collection. All the other Stormies I have with plain white armor have removable helmets, while this one does not. This guy isn't attached to any particular wave, but is one of the figures included to fill up case packs, and this particular Stormie includes the right arm of HK-50 (now I only need the left arm to complete it!), so he's shipping with the Empire Strikes Back figures. In my book, it's hard to have too many Stormtroopers in your collection, so it's always nice to add another, especially if it is unique within your troopers.

My local Target has lowered its prices on Star Wars figures back down to 6.99, which is a welcome change. I don't know if this is a chain-wide change or just local, but it's worth noting. From what I've seen, Hasbro figures in general seem to be going down a little in price, except for Marvel Universe figures. Hopefully they catch up with this trend as well.


  1. Our Targets in Denver have lowered their figs to $6.99 as well. Don't forget the $5 off $20+ coupon from Hasbro. Just completed my Clone Wars wave 12 for $5.32. Bought three figures at a time so 3 figs at $20.97 - $5 / 3 = $5.32 per figure.

  2. What $5 dollar off $20 or more coupon??? Does it work for Iron Man?

  3. Yeah, what coupon? I want one!


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