Wednesday, March 31, 2010

#31: Star Wars comic pack Clone Lieutenant and Clone Trooper

Another troop builder! I particularly like the subject matter for this one because it features members of the 212th, which is under the leadership of Commander Cody. As the only named clone in the movie, I've always dug him, so I'm always glad to get more of his troopers. The lieutenant unfortunately doesn't have holsters for his two pistols, so this pack ends up with a surplus of weapons. It is cool that they included the grapple hook, which features in the comic the pack comes with. There's also a projectile of some sort that plugs into the trooper's rifle, but I managed to misplace it while getting the figure out. It was taped in, but I undid the tape, left it in the tray, then removed the trooper. So that was my fault. Hopefully it turns up. Aside from the grapple hook, there's nothing new here, but it is a cool army building set.

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