Tuesday, March 9, 2010

#13: Iron Man 2 movie series Iron Monger

The first time around, for whatever reason I never got an Iron Monger figure. Now I have corrected that omission. I really dig the design of movie Iron Monger because even though it is high tech, it still has a sort of retro feel to it. It wouldn't look too out of place terrorizing small town America in a 50s sci-fi drive in epic. It looks good and it moves well. Also, it's probably the bulkiest figure in the entire line. Although it is big, it also brings up my only complaint: that it's too small. Movie Iron Monger is pretty towering, and so to be in scale with the rest of this line should be... well, it should be the 6 inch figure from the first movie's line. I think I'm going to have to pick one of those up. Aside from the scale issue, I really like this figure, and even if I end up with two, I don't regret picking this one up.


  1. Yeah, I am kicking myself over this one. I saw it at walmart the same time I picked up the movie Mk I. I guess you know which way I went.

  2. Well, at Walmart today they had this one back on the peg after a restock, so I grabbed it. So, disregard earlier recriminations.


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