Tuesday, March 30, 2010

#28: Iron Man 2 concept series Iron Man Deep Dive Armor

Why does Iron Man need a special underwater suit? Who is he going to fight, Namor? Are there any underwater villains in the Marvel Universe? I guess it doesn't really matter, because I just plain like the design on this figure. It's from the concept series, so I'm guessing he has never worn anything like this in the comics. That's the cool thing about doing an Iron Man line, you can just come up with random variations and it will make complete sense for the character. What I like about this figure is that it isn't just a repaint, or a slight modification with a new accessory, it is a completely new sculpt. It manages to look wildly different from the other armors yet still maintains a visual connection to the more standard armor. The aquatic color scheme is also really cool. Until the next series comes out, I am done with this line. I picked up so many Iron May toys this month that I think I could retroactively dub it Iron March.


  1. Hmm, Deep dive iron man fighting Namor. I have just the figs to make something like that happen.

    Also...it makes me giggle to hear you say that you are done getting Iron Man figs from this wave. You're like 3 from having a complete set at this point. Dont tell me Inferno, Power Assault, and Hypervelocity have done something to earn your disdain? I rather likethe shield that comes with the Hyper suit myself...

  2. heh No disdain, they just haven't piqued my interest.


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