Wednesday, March 10, 2010

#14: Iron Man 2 comic series Iron Man (Mark I armor)

This is it, the original Iron Man suit of armor as it appeared in the comics. It's not the first figure to be made based on the design, but by the time I started paying attention to Marvel Legends, it was already long gone. I already have the movie version from the first movie's line, so although they have released it in the smaller scale, I think I can pass. I definitely wanted to pick up the comic version, though. Like Iron Monger, I dig its retro aesthetic, which in this case is genuine since it's a 60s creation.

The figure itself is really cool, and does a good job of adapting the look to toy form. Particularly cool is the paint work, which does a good job of representing beat up old metal. On the front, anyway. The back looks relatively clean. It also comes with a detachable repulsor blast. Even though the song isn't exactly about Iron Man, this version is what comes into my mind whenever I hear it.


  1. This one looks better than the Marvel Legends version, the detail and paint anyway.

  2. Yeah, I have seen this one a few times, but opted to go with the movie version as the assymetrical appearance was more pleasingly 'steampuck' for me. This one looks terrific, to be honest, I, like you, just saw no reason to have so many different Tony Starks.


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