Sunday, March 7, 2010

#11: Star Wars Legacy Collection Luke Skywalker (snowspeeder pilot)

Aside from this Luke figure, I've already got five or six others already. So, why another, especially since I have a similarly outfitted X-Wing pilot version of Luke? The answer is simple: the AT-AT. We all know it's coming out, and I intend to get one, I even set aside money from my tax refunds for it. I want to have Luke hanging off the bottom of it, and this is just the Luke for the job.

Fortunately, it is a good figure aside from fulfilling a very small niche in my collection. Although Hasbro could have easily reused parts from the X-Wing pilot version of Luke, this is an all new figure. Underneath his helmet is a new headsculpt complete with headsock, which even manages a decent likeness. Oddly enough, this is probably the only Luke figure that comes without an ignited lightsaber. That's kind of funny, especially considering that the medical frigate Luke figure had one even though he had just lost his lightsaber. This Luke merely has the hilt. He also comes with the requisite harpoon gun for hanging off the AT-AT with. The only other thing you could ask for here is a thermal detonator. With a completely new sculpt and two other weapons, that's on oversight that is easy to overlook because this is a good figure.


  1. I've seen this version in a couple of places, I did not realize it was an all new sculpt. I already have my favorite Luke (Lumiya comic pack) but might want to get this tall is he?

  2. Hm, I'll take a picture of him next to another figure for comparison. Which one would you like me to use?

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  4. Use the Luke in the black armor from the comic pack, I have that one...


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