Wednesday, March 31, 2010

#30: Star Wars comic pack Clone Trooper and Clone Commander

If you're following Star Wars toys, you may know that the comic packs sub-line is soon going away. That's too bad, because they were a good deal since you get two figures and a comic cheaper than you would have to pay if you bought them separately. It was also a good way to get more obscure characters that might not otherwise have been made. Hasbro will be pulling back on their focus on Extended Universe characters, and probably trying to cut costs, so say goodbye to comic packs. The final wave is hitting stores now, or will be soon, depending on your location. Naturally, they haven't shown up in my area yet. Fortunately for me, I happened to have last Tuesday off, when a tweet from the collecting website Yak Face alerted me that the final wave of comic packs had just been added to the Hasbro webshop, so I checked it out and they were all in stock! I was able to get the packs I wanted. They were sold out a couple hours later, so if I had been at work that day, I would have been out of luck. Due to some uncharacteristically fast shipping on the part of Hasbro, I received these a couple days ago, and I'll be finishing off March by posting out them through the rest of today.

It is probably no surprise to you by now that I will buy just about any clone figure. So of course I went for this set. These are a couple of Kashyyyk troopers with somewhat different camo patterns than were shown in the movie, but since they are based on a comic, that is understandable. The clone commander in this set doesn't actually appear in the comic, but a new type of clone is always welcome. All the troopers in the comic look like the trooper in this set (the figure on the left), although the figure has the amusing quirk of appearing to have no neck. It looks good with the helmet on, fortunately. As far as I can tell, it is a repaint of a Commander Faie figure, with a new head. If you are able to find this, it is a cool set for any clone fan.

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