Thursday, March 25, 2010

#21: Iron Man 2 movie series War Machine

While I previously expressed disdain for movie War Machine's giant missile launcher, upon closer examination, I decided that it looks okay as long as the projectile is left out. So, I got one. In general, I like the movie aesthetic better than the comic look anyway. None of that silly muscular shaped armor here.

-The big goofy gun has an ammo belt that plugs into it on one end, and into the back on the other end. It is too stiff to plug into both at the same time, as well as not plugging in very securely. I kind of cheated it for the picture.
-The shoulder armor flips up to allow you to move the arms forward, otherwise they can only lift up to the side. This looks really bad, and comic War Machine also does this.
-The left leg is bent out at a bad angle, but I'm pretty sure that's limited to just this specimen. It's hard to say, as it's the only one I saw in the store.

Complaints aside, it is otherwise pretty cool. Like the comic version, both of the weapons can be folded back behind the shoulders, which is a cool feature.

It seems like all my figures from this line (except the Mark VI) are all shades of grey and silver.

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