Friday, March 26, 2010

#22: Star Wars Legacy Collection Imperial Scanning Crew

I will admit, I only got this figure for one reason: the included build-a-droid piece. It was a choice between him and a Cloud City guard, and this guy seemed less boring. He also has a cool accessory. I guess. While the Millennium Falcon is docked aboard the Death Star, this is one of the two guys that Vader sends aboard to scan for lifeforms. They are seen carrying aboard a big crate. Whatever this boxy thing is, it's not that crate. Maybe it is what's inside that crate. I'm not sure. It has wheels on the bottom!

Despite my enthusiasm for collecting Imperial troopers, my interest apparently draws the line at guys in jumpsuits. I would never have given this figure a second thought if not for his droid piece. Your devious plan has worked, Hasbro. Fortunately, it is a well done figure. It's well sculpted and has all the articulation you expect from a Star Wars figure these days. He has a functional holster, which I always dig. Too bad it's such an inessential character. He does have cool sideburns, at least.

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