Tuesday, March 23, 2010

#20: Iron Man 2 movie series Mark VI Iron Man

So far, the Iron Man 2 line seems plentiful in stores, so for the most part you can find whichever figure you're looking for. I was thinking I'd like a movie style Iron Man in this scale, so I decided to go with the Mark VI which is apparently going to be the most advanced suit Tony Stark wears in the upcoming movie. Sure, I have the similarly styled "Extremis" Iron Man figure from the Marvel Universe line, but these movie figures seem to be of a higher quality (and lower price!) than their MU counterparts. Speaking of price, these figures are on sale for $5.99 at Target this week.

There are two versions of the Mark VI figures, this one, and one that has a light up chest. Really, it's just supposed to be the unibeam on its chest that lights up, but in practice the entire chest glows. I decided to stick with the basic version. As we've come to expect from the figures in this line, it's high quality stuff. I think it would be nice if the left hand had a swivel joint so he could point his repulsors at something without lifting his entire arm up, but that's not a major complaint. The big missile launcher is of course removable, which is fortunate. I'm really digging this line, so I'm curious just how many more I'll end up with through its run.


  1. So far I'm in this line about five deep. I agree these are some great figures, scale, sculpt, quality, they should sell well.


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