Monday, March 15, 2010

#17: Marvel Universe Thor

Hey, it's Thor! Remember that movie "Adventures In Babysitting"? I think that's the only reason I care about Thor. I was thinking about getting the comic pack Thor, which has his more classic outfit, but I decided to save a few bucks and not get stuck with a figure for a character I'm completely unfamiliar with. So I got the Thor with a costume I'm unfamiliar with. Either way, it does look pretty cool. His face has a lot of personality. By which I mean it looks kind of funny. Maybe that's the way they draw him these days, but I think his face looks more barbarian than Norse god. More befitting a god is his size: he's pretty tall, about as tall as the MU Hulk figure. Aside from a display stand, Thor comes with the only accessory he could need, his trusty hammer Mjolnir. He's a pretty neat figure, and he can even stand up without the stand despite the big cape.

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