Tuesday, March 30, 2010

#29: Iron Man Iron Monger

So as I mentioned in my post about the second movie line's Iron Monger, I thought it was too small, and wanted to get the first movie's version, which is quite a bit larger. So I did. Watching the movie, it is hard to tell just how large Iron Monger is exactly, since he's always moving around. Apparently the prop they used on set was about 10 feet tall. In comparison with the second movie's figures, he looks to be about 12 feet tall or so. So he is perhaps a little too large, but I'd rather have him be too large rather than too small. The big feature on this toy is the opening cockpit, which reveals someone that doesn't entirely look like Jeff Bridges within. His head is about as big as Iron Man's helmet, further confirming that this version is a bit too large. In comparison with the newer figure, this one seems to have its proportions off a little. It is nicely articulated and has a nice sense of weight since it's so large. And that does it for any Iron Man related toys for this month.

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  1. Love seeing all the Iron Man stuff from you recently!


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