Friday, December 23, 2016

#102: Star Wars The Black Series - Director Krennic

Krennic turned out to be an interesting antagonist because he's more of a banal evil than we usually get in Star Wars. More ambitious bureaucrat than evil despot, he's a perfect Imperial. And he wears a cape and has a personal squad of Death Trooper bodyguards, so he definitely looks cool. There was some supposition that he was a Grand Admiral based on his white costume, although that turned out not to be true. As the first Imperial officer in this scale, there is definitely some potential for repaints/retools in the future, and this is a good figure to base those on. The cape is removable, which is good because it definitely gets in the way of the arms. There have been some soft goods in this line, and I think this would have been a good opportunity to use them again. But it is a cool looking cape. Krennic's other accessory is a blaster, which can be holstered on his belt.

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