Friday, December 9, 2016

#86: Hot Toys Civil War - Captain America

Since Hot Toys figures are so expensive, I very rarely buy one. But it was inevitable that I'd get a Captain America since he is basically my favorite part of the MCU. Naturally it's a very good looking figure, Hot Toys rarely disappoints there. I really like what Cap's costume has evolved into in the movies. Basically it's his Winter Soldier STRIKE suit, but in colors that are based on his classic costume. The Age of Ultron version had the white part on the sleeves as well, but that became blue for Civil War. I think Cap is the only Civil War figure from Hot Toys who doesn't include a tiny Ant Man accessory. What he does include is a selection of different hands, two expressions for the masked head (the lower part of the face is held on by a magnet), an unmasked head, the broken mask of Crossbones, a display stand, and of course his mighty shield. The shield is made of metal (probably not vibranium, sadly. Definitely no adamantium as that doesn't exist in the MCU) and can be either worn on his arm or hung from his back.

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