Wednesday, December 21, 2016

#98: Star Wars The Black Series - Sergeant Jyn Erso (Jedha)

I would have bought the Jyn figure on Force Friday, but I had pre-ordered it from Amazon because it was cheaper than retail. Then they didn't get around to sending it until after Force Friday. Then the postal service had trouble delivering it to the Amazon locker, so it got returned to Amazon and they had to send a replacement figure. My first impression of the figure is how small it is. I don't have a Leia figure yet to compare it to, but I do like that Hasbro is willing to vary the height of figures based on the actors. It's not a great likeness of Felicity Jones, but with the costume is easily recognizable as Jyn. Jyn includes a blaster, and her scarf is removable.

One of the big topics of discussion before Rogue One was released was the apparently massive re-shoots that were done for the movie. One interesting way that shows is on the bio on the back of the box: "A highly skilled soldier in the Rebel Alliance, Jyn Erso is an impetuous, defiant warrior eager to bring the battle to the Empire. Jyn has little patience for debate within Alliance High Command, enough so that she takes matters into her own hands." Having already seen the movie, it's like they're describing an early draft version of Jyn. Hopefully the special features on the Blu-ray go into more detail about the earlier version of the story.

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