Wednesday, December 28, 2016

#115: The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures - Lobster Lovin' Batman

I'd heard the street date for LEGO Batman Movie minifigures was the first day of the upcoming year, but I found some at Target a few days before Christmas. There wasn't a whole display, so I wasn't able to get all of the minifigures that I want, but I did get some of them. I had to get Lobster Lovin' Batman (as seen in the trailers) because I just love that LEGO Batman keeps his mask on, even when he's home relaxing in Wayne Manor. And he's wearing a smoking jacket-esque robe. The easiest way to find this one is by feeling for the platter, which is particularly large. The lobster is also a good way to feel for it.


  1. With this Bat-Hefner and the Playboy Bunny-esque March Harriet, there are bound to be some clever MOC builds on the horizon.


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