Friday, December 30, 2016

#119: Ultimate Spider-Man Minimates - Jet-pack Spider-Man and Squirrel Girl

I've only watched the first season of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, because that's all that was on Netflix at the time. Apparently, it has improved by including Squirrel Girl so I might have to go back and watch the rest of it. This set is a Walgreens exclusive, and it still continues to seem weird that Walgreens gets so many cool exclusives. While there has recently been a Squirrel Girl Funko Pop, this is the first actual action figure for her. In the show she wears her classic costume, so that's what she's wearing here, complete with weird eye makeup. The packaging calls out that it "includes squirrels!" and there are three of them. They have Minimates style cylindrical heads, even. There are a couple accessories (not pictured) that I am a bit mystified about. They kind of look like ice cream cones, but I really have no clue. Also included is Spider-Man, with a jet pack. It has a nice flame effects piece that doubles as a stand. He also has an alternate "thumbs up" hand and another head with larger eyes.

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