Monday, December 19, 2016

#96: Transformers Titans Return - Twin Cast & Autobot Blaster

I've never had a Blaster toy before, but when I was a kid my cousin had one and I thought it was cool. Soundwave is often thought of as being super 80s because his alt-form is a microcassette recorder, but Blaster's boom box seems even more 80s than that. There have been a few Blaster toys in recent years, but I held out for the return of the classic boom box. Robot mode is basically how he looked back then, so it's a nice update.

Here's Blaster in boom box mode. Overall it looks cool enough, any my only complaint is the gaps between the central section and the speakers. Basically, that's so the torso in robot mode has a waist and isn't as blocky as the original. I think the handle was originally much wider as well, but that's not really a big deal.

Blaster's Headmaster is Twin Cast. There's a little tank/MP3 player thing that he can sit in, and Blaster's gun plugs into it. The tank thing fits inside Blaster's chest like a cassette. There are a couple of other Transformers toys sold separately that can fit in his chest as well. Not surprisingly, there is also a Soundwave that mostly shares the same mold as Blaster.

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