Saturday, December 3, 2016

#82: Marvel Legends Spider-Man - Evil Adversaries (Hobgoblin)

Spider-Man has a surprisingly wide array of nemeses who fly around on gliders and have a goblin theme. Green Goblin is of course the most important, and Hobgoblin is probably the most prominent of the non-green goblin types. There have been a few different Hobgoblins (there was a BAF for a different version a while back), but this is the classic. I'm pretty sure that most of Hobgoblin's body will be repainted for the upcoming Green Goblin figure, which is pretty accurate to the comic look. For accessories, Hobgoblin most importantly includes his glider and a translucent pumpkin bomb. Fortunately, the glider is designed so that it can stand while Hobgoblin is on it. There is also an alternate Demogoblin head.

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