Friday, December 23, 2016

#103: Marvel Legends Civil War - Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man

Civil War brought the much anticipated arrival of Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not surprisingly, Hasbro made a Marvel Legends figure of him. Annoyingly, he was only available in this three pack with battle damage variants of Captain America and Iron Man. I resolved that even though I wanted the Spidey figure, I wouldn't buy this unless I found it for half price or less. For whatever reason, Amazon had it marked down randomly early in November, so I went for it. Spidey is appropriately short here and has all the typical articulation we see on modern Spider-Man figures. Cap is a repaint of the same figure we've been getting since the Winter Soldier days, with the same unmasked head that looks nothing like Chris Evans. The weathering on the shield is very cool looking, though. Iron Man has removable repulsor blasts for his hands and feet, as well as an unmasked head that actually looks like Robert Downey Jr. At full price, this is a decent set if you don't already have the standard versions of Cap and Iron Man, but at half price, this was a pretty great deal.

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