Thursday, December 29, 2016

#118: Transformers Titans Return - Astrotrain & Darkmoon

Astrotrain is one of the Transformers toys I had as a kid, and I thought it was cool both because it was a triple changer as well as because one of its alt-modes was a space shuttle. I didn't get around to getting the Classics version from a while back, so I was glad that there's a new version. Getting this one was a bit convoluted, as at first it wasn't in stock in stores or online for a reasonable price. Then I found one on the Target website while there was a sale going on as well as a toys coupon, so I was able to order it for store pickup at a good price. Then I got an e-mail saying the order was delayed and would not arrive until early January. Then they started showing up in stores, but I had a much better price on the order so I didn't want to cancel it. Finally, it ended up arriving earlier than the original postponement warned. Astrotrain's robot mode is pretty cool. He's got a couple guns which can be combined into one as pictured. There's a definite resemblance to the original toy's robot mode.

Putting the "astro" in his name, one of the alt-modes is a space shuttle. This looks a lot more sci-fi and flattened than the original, but it's cool. There are a few options for how to attach the guns in this mode. There is a seat for Darkmoon in the back between the tail fins.

Less impressive is train mode. Rather than turning into an old fashioned train engine like the original, this version appears to be multiple cars long. It's basically some sort of sci-fi battle train with a big chunk of stuff in the middle. There are rolling wheels on the bottom that work for this mode.

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